Home Loan: Eligibility criteria, Types, and many more


In today’s world, many people decide to own their new home, which is considered the most significant financial decision for you and your family. For most people buying a home first time, getting a home loan is the only way that helps them to bring home ownership. 

If you are planning to get a home loan, it is crucial to understand everything from basics to advance, and only after making any commitment whether you want to apply for a home loan or not. 

This article will bring the top things such as eligibility criteria, and types that are related to the home loan and must be read and understood correctly. 

Eligibility criteria

It is the first and the most crucial step to make sure whether you qualify for taking the home loan or not. Initially, lenders or banks will assess your eligibility for a home loan depending on your income and the repayment capacity. 

The other crucial considerations are age, qualifications, number of dependents, financial position, job stability, and spouse income. 

A further type of home loan

Here you will get the information on all types of home loans. 

  • Floating rate loans: The interest rate is associated with the benchmark rate in this kind of loan. If any changes are observed in the benchmark rate, the interest rates are also changed accordingly. 
  • Fixed Rate Loan: In this type of home loan, the interest rate remains fixed when you take the loan. The interest rate of fixed-rate home loans also depends upon the loan tenure. Make sure to use the home loan EMI calculator to calculate its interest rate. 
  • Combination loan: This home loan provides part of the loan amount at the fixed interest rate and the floating or adjustable interest rate. 
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Loan first or home first

Are you getting loan approval first or decide property first? Getting pre-approval for your home loan is suggested before finding and deciding on the home property. Pre-approval given by the bank or financial institutions helps you to fix the budget and make focus on your home search. Pre-approval of a home loan also allows you to negotiate the best rates and close the deal quickly near your budget. 

You should also check the availability of lenders with good properties in that location where you prefer. *There are also some projects that are pre-approved by the lender, which not only relaxes the multiple property documents that are required by the lender but also makes sure you about the quality of the loan projects. 


This article will cover the meaning, eligibility, and types of home loans. A Home loan is a great way to help own your new home. Buying a new home with the help of a home loan is a big step, so make sure to choose a trusted lender or secure bank while getting the home loan. It is also considered the satisfying experience that you make in your life. 

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