twisted tea nutrition facts

Here’s why you should know about twisted tea nutrition facts


Tea is one of the most preferred beverages consumed across the globe. If you are a tea lover, you might want to explore and experiment with several choices present in the market. Twisted tea is a twist offered to your regular iced tea, blended with numerous flavored ingredients along with 4-5% alcohol by volume. This beverage comes in various flavors and is reasonably priced compared to wine and beer with vibrant orange color. You can get appetizingly half portion brewed tea, half portion lemonade, smooth lemon iced tea; and malt alcohol. Besides this, you can enjoy several flavors like mango, berries, peach, cinnamon, etc. Read to know me about twisted tea nutrition facts.

The twisted tea nutrition facts include the following:

  • Calories from Fat 0 (0%)
  • Calories 194
  • Sodium 8.1mg 1%
  • Potassium 271mg 6%
  • Carbohydrates 25.9g –
  • Vitamin C 2.8mg 5%
  • Calcium 2.6mg 1%
  • Net carbs 25.9g –
  • Sugar 23.3g –

If you want to wind down with twisted tea, there is a variety of twisted tea available in the market for you to gulp down and meet your thirst. 

twisted tea nutrition facts
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Different flavored twisted tea along with twisted tea nutrition facts

  • Twisted Tea Half and Half Hard:

If you want that additional punch in your twisted tea, then this is ideal for you. It includes half lemonade and half iced tea and has a more piquant taste than the original flavor. It is filled with 215 calories and 30.5 g of carbs.

  • Twisted Tea Original Flavor:

Original twisted tea is a blend of real brewed tea and lemonade. This stimulating drink has the original flavor and is good to share with friends. Alcohol by volume ranges between 4-5%. 12 OZ of original flavor twisted tea offers you 194 calories and 25.9 g carbs. This crisp and refreshing flavor can always be shared with your friends as a welcome drink.

  • Twisted Tea Peach Flavour:

If you wish to provide your taste buds with a refreshing cooler, twisted peach tea is for you. This amber-colored is crafted using brewed tea and a natural peach flavor. It is refreshing flavor will make you ask for another glass. It will go perfectly with your choice of starters.

  • Twisted Tea Blueberry Flavor:

Blueberry twisted tea comes with a blueberry flavor mixed with additional smooth filtered alcohol. The sharpness of the brewed tea and hints of blueberry make you ask for more. This stimulating blend of blueberry flavor, tea, and alcohol make a smooth beverage that goes well on your palate. This flavor has 205 calories and 28.2 carbs.

  • Twisted Tea Cinnamon Flavor:

Cinnamon twisted tea is filled with cinnamon flavors and offers you 450 calories 45g of carbs. You get that perfumed cinnamon flavor mixed in iced tea and malted alcohol. 

  • Twisted Tea Mango Flavor:

If you are a mango lover who prefers tea, then mango-flavored twisted tea will make you fall on your knees. With each sip, you get the amazingly refreshing sweet flavor of the mango, although it is a tea. This twisted tea with mango fruit flavor is a more relaxed drink and will make you ask for more. This magnificent beverage is loaded with 195 calories.

  • Twisted Tea BlackBerry Flavor:

This naturally sweetened and non-carbonated is prepared with brewed black tea and a dash of natural blackberry flavor. If you wish to go for a wild escapade, this heated fruit drink is a great beverage to carry along. 12 OZ of this drink is filled with 205 calories.

  • Twisted Tea Passion Fruit Flavor:

This refreshing and smooth cooler is mixed with iced tea, natural sweetener, and twisted with authentic passion fruit flavor with a tropical twist.

  • Twisted Tea Raspberry Flavor:

This wonderful-tasting twisted tea is a sign of sympathy. One sip of this stunning blend will make your friends ask for more. The aroma of fruit will remind you of summer. The ideal combination of alcohol, brewed tea, and a dash of raspberry makes an ideal drink for any event. A usual serving of raspberry twisted tea has approximately 209 calories.

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Do you get a hangover after drinking twisted tea?

By drinking alcoholic drinks you may get hung up for some time or for a long period of time. But the best thing about the twisted tea nutrition facts is that you will not get a hangover or get drunk. People after drinking twisted tea might feel the added freshness, coolness, and a lot of refreshing relaxation. Twisted tea had become the first choice when it comes to the best refreshing drinks for summer.

twisted tea nutrition facts
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Healthier option:

For summer drinks, twisted tea is a great replacement than maximum sugar syrups as the twisted tea nutrition facts are better. After drinking a tea cocktail, you will feel refreshed as compared to the other drinks. As compared to the other beverages, it is also simple to digest and does not cause abdominal pain.  And it is also tastier, healthier, and satisfying than other local beverages.

Amount of Alcohol that a Twisted Tea has

To get the answer, it is important to understand how much alcohol is in a normal beer can and the size of twisted tea can. The content of alcohol in a regular can of beer is 4% by weight or 5% alcohol by volume. A standard can of twisted tea has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 0.5%.

Does Twisted Tea Have Carbs?

The company website confirms that all their flavors have carbs. The amount of carbs in every drink will depend on the type and size of drink you order. The most common type of twisted tea, the 12oz Original has 25.9 grams of carbohydrates which equals to 12% of your daily intake if you are aiming for 100 or fewer grams per day.

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How much sugar is in Twisted Tea?

If you are thinking about twisted tea nutrition facts, it is important to note that twisted tea has sugar. The sugar content in a twisted tea can differ based on the flavor, but it is usually around 23.3 grams of sugar per bottle. If you are opting to watch your intake of sugar, be cautious with twisted tea and other sweetened teas. Try unsweetened tea or herbal teas instead.

Is Twisted Tea Carbonated?

Twisted Tea is brewed from premium select imported Ceylon tea leaves mixed with natural fruit flavorings. It is then sweetened with cane sugar and flavored naturally. The twisted tea creators know that a delicious beverage can make memories just as it can refresh people easily; hence they also prepare the iced tea devoid of any artificial ingredients or preservatives. Twisted Tea is not carbonated, but this drink has a classic flavor profile and does not need the boost of CO {sub²} to make it show up among other drinks in this group. This beverage includes natural sweeteners like cane sugar and honey that make it extra-sweet devoid of adding any calories or artificial flavors. Twisted Tea is available in a range of flavors, with an alcohol content of approximately five percent.

What does twisted tea taste like?

The twisted tea flavor is always changing, with their maximum well-liked flavors including peach, original, half & half, and light. They also have raspberry and blueberry flavored tea varieties available for customers to choose from. Twisted tea also has a range of restricted edition seasonal flavors for clients to enjoy.

Twisted Tea is the ideal drink to grab at any local grocery store or gas station with mango, peach, lemonade, raspberry, and blueberry flavored teas. Original twisted tea has a refreshing, light flavor that is ideal for any time of day. People with diverse tastes and preferences can enjoy this tea.

twisted tea
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It is great to drink in the morning or at night; it is up to you what time you want your twisted tea experience. Twisted tea’s appearance is a vivacious orange hue, while its flavor is the same as water with sugar. When you take a drink of twisted tea, the taste would stay behind in your mouth for an enjoyable experience. It has a refreshing and crisp taste that makes it simple to drink. If you prefer drinking orange juice on vacation with some ice cubes made from freshwater, then you will like this tea taste very much.

How to purchase twisted tea?

If you are searching for bottled iced tea, it is not too difficult to find a well-known brand of your preferred flavor. Twisted tea can be found in grocery stores and convenience stores all through the country. Several flavors of twisted tea are available on their website for purchase or get them via a distributor.

Ways to store twisted tea

Just like any beverage, the best way to store tea is in a cool, dark place. Do not keep it in the refrigerator because moisture can affect some types of teas over time, and it is also too cold for some people’s tastes.

A cabinet or pantry near your stove can be just as good if there is not adequate cool space in the home. If you keep the tea in the fridge, store it away from foods with dominating odors such as garlic and onions. The oils can get into your cup of tea and have an effect on its flavor.

In conclusion, it can be said that twisted tea is a refreshing beverage that can be found at most grocery stores. It comes in several flavors and is reasonably priced compared to other beverages such as beer or wine.

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