Bitcoin in a Nutshell


Bitcoin is the global digital currency created long back in January 2009, as per the information from Investopedia. It cannot be owned or controlled by anyone. One of the main differences between bitcoin and the regular monetary currency is the pseudonymous nature of bitcoin. People can exchange the bitcoins without linking their name or identity with the bitcoin transaction. However, there is no compulsion regarding it. If you want to link your name in the transaction ID and address of the bitcoin, you are welcomed to do so. Bitcoin is invented by an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto. However, the identity of the inventor of the technology is still unknown. The “Satoshi Nakamoto” is a generalized name given to a developer or a group of developers who developed the technology.

Surprisingly with bitcoin buzz all across the globe, there are no physical bitcoins on this planet. It is just a digital ledger that helps in keeping transparency in the balances and transactions. However, there is heavy computing power involved in processing the transactions coupled with using many technologies altogether. The bitcoins market is not administered by any government or agency. They are independent, and the price is directly proportional to the demand and supply of the bitcoin. The growth in the popularity of bitcoins boosts the capital market significantly in recent years. The growth in popularity has surged the market with several platforms that enable the users to buy and sell bitcoins conveniently. In India, there is recent noise for the PayTm bitcoin transactions. India is a developing country, and people in the country are keen to step into the bitcoin market and book their profits. However, being a kind of a newbie to the market, people are still searching for questions like how to buy bitcoin in India? What are the government regulations for bitcoin transactions, and many others?

Let us dive in to find out more about the bitcoins-

Functionality of bitcoins

The growing trend of bitcoin has attracted several big companies. The bitcoins are decentralized currency and independent of the government and banks. Hence, the big companies are adopting payment through the bitcoin transaction method to avoid levied bank charges.

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Bitcoin is the first digital cryptocurrency to work on blockchain technology and use peer-to-peer technology for factor and instant payments transactions. 

The independent companies that possess high computing power take part in the bitcoin networking system consisting of miners and nodes. The companies or the developers who can process the bitcoin mining and blockchain transaction are rewarded with the launch of the bitcoin and the processing transaction charges paid in bitcoin exchanges.

According to Investopedia, there are about 3 million bitcoins left yet to be mined. A bitcoin can be divisible to eight decimal places. The smallest unit of bitcoin is referred to as Satoshi.

Investment in the bitcoin market

Many experts view bitcoin as the future of the world. They predict the bitcoin will rule the world in the coming decades. The growth of the bitcoins can be attributed to the fact this digital cryptocurrency is considered a perfect alternative to fiat currencies. You can invest in bitcoin with the help of several available platforms. One of the misconceptions that halt people from investing in bitcoins is the huge amount required to buy the bitcoins. But the reality is you can purchase bitcoin even with a low budget of $1. One of the best examples is peer-to-peer platforms that allow the sellers and buyers to transact with any value they prefer. You can visit such platforms and find the sellers according to your budget and buy the bitcoins with the lowest transaction fees. You can always find the bitcoins at lower rates as compared to on-going market rates from such platforms.

However, there are several other platforms where you can buy and sell bitcoins conveniently. However, the transaction fees vary from one platform to another. You must check the same before proceeding with any transactions.

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Risks involved in bitcoins investment

I will like to start with some much-heard statement that very true- Investments carry risks!. There is no such investment in the market that does not have risk involved in the future. Every investment carries risks, be it golds, mutual funds, or stocks. You have to be very conscious of the investment methods you are adopting. The bitcoin investment, unlike other fiat currency or stock investments, is considered a bit safe as the bitcoin market is not controlled by anyone. The on-going technological advancements in technology are projecting the global market to grow significantly in the coming years. The investments in bitcoins help you avoid bank charges, maintenance costs, and mandation to ensure any minimum balance in your wallet.

One of the distinct features of bitcoins is v that you do not need to fear that your investment can be stolen or hacked by any person. Bitcoin is encrypted on your wallet in virtual form and can be logged-in through passwords. You can opt for bitcoins multi-signature features that enhance your security by adding multiple approvals and permission from you. It will help you extra secure your bitcoin from any threats.

Stability in bitcoins

Initially, there was a lot of volatility in the bitcoins market. The market was fluctuating due to the lack of awareness of the people regarding such digital cryptocurrency. But with the growing interest of the people and the developments & advancements in technology bolstered the market growth and raised the price of the bitcoins significantly. In the last few years, bitcoins became a much established digital cryptocurrency and a favorite investment option for people. The prices of bitcoin are continuously increasing in recent years, and right now, it is almost at its all-time high in the market. 

However, it is your own decision where and when to invest. But I will suggest you check on the investment methods very deeply to minimize your risk probability. Every investment method feeds a profit to you if done wisely and intelligently. Indeed, there is a possibility of losses in the same.


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