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The Features of a Must-Have Best Editing App for PC


Simply owning a DSLR or a professional photography skill isn’t enough to create visually impactful pictures or videos. If you wish to make your next capture a viral hit, you need to own a powerful editing app. If you wish to turn lifeless pictures or videos into a dramatically alive reality, you are in the right place. The selection of the right editing app can do wonders for your videos or pictures. The diverse range of features includes correction, styling, removal of unnecessary elements, red-eye correction, to the revival of the black and white photo. But, the selection process could be daunting. Stress not! To assist you here, we have curated a detailed guide to looking out for the features and essentials to select the best editing app for pc. So, without wasting any time, let us start.

What is the editing app for PC?

The editing apps are the potential apps capable of converting an ordinary photo or video into a memorable perfect picture sort. The pictures could be either traditional chemical photographs, digital photographs, or even illustrations as well. Several in-built features allow users to easily and effectively utilize this app on their PCs. This could be an editor for either photos or videos as well. 

For example:

  1. Firstly, Google Photos aims at providing the greatest backup solutions and also synchronizes them with a wide range of devices of your choice. This includes a PC, Tablet, Mac, or even a smartphone. 
  2. Secondly, there is PicsArt which is another editing app. This editing app has several in-built features and effects which are again AI-driven. It offers daily tutorial videos and puts up challenges regularly. Also, another feature of the chat system to connect, learn, and share among community offers on PicsArt. 
  3. Thirdly, Snapseed is a pro-level editing app, including technical and expert editing features and options. In addition to the above-mentioned applications, several other editing apps are becoming successfully popular among passionate enthusiasts. 

Below are the best applications

  • Adobe Photoshop Express Editor
  • InPixio
  • Google Photos 
  • Canva
  • Ashampoo
  • Snapseed 
  • Wondershare Editing Toolkit
  • Fotor
  • PicsArt

Overall, every available editing app for PC is the best one in one or the other way. The user needs to do a detailed analysis of the features and testing to get their hands on the best app. 

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What are the factors to look for in the right photo editing app for PC?

You need to remember that mere a professional camera or the skill isn’t enough to create the perfect photo. Whether you are a professional or a social media influencer, you know exactly what an impactful photo is meant for? This alone can suffice for the digital marketing of your business or brand on various platforms. Well! In any case, you need to have the best editing app for PC. In addition to this, there are several editing apps available in the market. This further makes the selection process a little daunting. To assist you with the right photo editor app selection, here are the key features you need to look for in the app. 

  1. Make or upload a photo

Talking about the basics, the app should provide an option for successful making or uploading of the photo from PC or additional devices. 

  • In-built filters

The app should offer a wide array of filter scope for your desired selection. One of the most important tools associated with photo editors is the presets. This further allows you to make any changes automatically with a single click. Other than this, there should be a provision for altering the following:

  • Exposure, 
  • contrast, 
  • add sharpness, 
  • transparency,  
  • color saturation, 
  • adjust the skin tone or 
  • the graininess of the image, and several others. 
  • Rotation and change of image size

Next comes the crop and rotation features. Some popular formats for this feature are as follows:

  • Square, 
  • Stories, and 
  • Newsfeed. 
  • Collages & frames

Another feature to look out for is the collages and frames array of scope. In addition to this, you should be able to apply image layers, watermark your photos, or implement an authentic background are a few of them. 

  • Save or share

Finally, you should be able to save or share your creative piece. This could be on any platform like Facebook, Instagram, or any other website of your choice. 

  • ARs mask & effects

Besides above mentioned basic features, look out for one-click effects or AR masks features which are trending these days. 

  • Creativity & retouching

Furthermore, the app should allow the user to become a little creative with the photos and retouching as and per required. This includes correcting skin, whitening teeth, or even removing extra elements from the background as well.

  • Alter video quality or mixing of videos

The app should support the features for successfully altering the video quality as per their need. This simply includes standard definition or high-definition video quality. Another feature is the ability to mix up two different videos together for a creative video. 

  • Feasibility to easily switch between edits

The next feature is the availability of the option which allows users to successfully switch between the different edits. In this way the work done is auto-saved and later you can resume as and when required from the same spot, where you left it. 

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How to choose the best photo editing app?

There is no hidden fact that the editing app is overly crowded and highly competitive. Whenever a single feature is developed on one app, the same cope across all other platforms as well. So, when the talk is about the selection of a suitable editing app for oneself, you need to keep a few things in mind. 

  1. Whether you are a daily consumer for entertainment or you are into a serious business photography profession. Thus, it is important to know the requirements beforehand. Afterward, proceed to select the best editing app as per your requirement. 
  2. If your requirement limits to certain functions, the free version with the basic editing features will work fine for you. 
  3. In case you are a professional, check out the full version of these applications. This further includes either monthly or annual subscription plans. You get a wide array of professional and superior quality features to make your dream picture a reality. 

How can you test the suitability of the best editing apps for your purpose?

The vast range of editing apps is based on different purposes and focus. The different applications are meant for different specific roles. If you are an everyday editor or a professional editor, here are the top qualities to look out for to test the suitability of the chosen application for yourself. 

  • Quality and openness of the interface

Firstly, aim for the finest quality and easily accessible editing application. This further allows as well as interests users to accomplish a wide array of editing projects conveniently and easily. 

  • Usability
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Secondly, the chosen app should be easy to operate or user-friendly. The different features and effects should be applicable on a single touch. Furthermore, giving the scope for higher and fine quality results from these editing apps. 

  • Number and nature of highlights

Thirdly, the number of highlights it has onboard to offer users. On the other hand, the available features should also be of high quality. 

  • Simplicity and adaptability of sharing

Fourthly, the application should also offer the users to share easily on different social platforms. This could be Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform of your choice. Thus, ease and versatile sharing support is another feature to look out for in the editing apps.

  • How well it accomplishes its expressed reason that is editing 

Also, the editing app should be a purpose-based support system. This means all your editing requirements could take place conveniently under a single roof that is single application software.

  • The flexibility of photograph import

Again, the user should be able to import photos from their desired source of storage. Thus, the editing app should have flexible support for photograph import. 

  • The flexibility of the camera module. 

Even the camera option that is available on the editing app should be flexible. It should directly aim at several effects, frames, or other features. This further enables versatility to the camera feature present in the editing applications.  

  • Photograph altering abilities, adaptability, and usability

When it comes to successfully editing photos or videos, several factors need your attention. This includes the features, flexibility of those features, and the easier usability of those features as well. 

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Summing up 

This was all about the plethora of editing apps and the ways to select the right one as per your requirement. The best editing app for PC has the potential of convenience, force, adaptability, and fun of collaging instruments and different activities. Even a multifunctional editing app is of greatest advantage. So, if you use editing apps daily as a passion or you are a professional editor, select the right editing app depending upon the above-mentioned features. Thus, suffice the professional skills with the professional retouch offered by the best editing app and aim to make your next project a viral one. 

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