Android TV App Development


Video streaming market grows significantly each year. That’s why smart TV platforms development (Apple TV apps, Android TV apps, Amazon Fire TV apps, etc.) is so popular and has great potential. Today we’ll take a closer look at Android TV app development so without further ado let’s move straight to the topic.

What is an Android TV App?

To give the correct answer to this question, first of all, we should define what an OTT app is. OTT (over-the-top) application is a kind of software that allows the broadcast of video content to the users via smartphone, tablets, or other smart TV devices.  Unlike traditional TV that functions thanks to cable or satellite, OTT apps deliver media content with the help of the Internet. Therefore, Android TV app is an OTT app designed for people who use the Android operating system.

As of 2022, Android TV is applied on more than 110 million devices worldwide. So it’s your high time to start Android TV app development and gain success. 

Before jumping into the development process, we recommend you to think of several approaches to Android TV app development.

3 ways to build Android TV App

1 – Remodel existing Android app – based on official guidelines for Android developers, if you have an Android app you can transform it into the Android TV app almost effortlessly. 

2 – Hire in-house developer / freelancer – you definitely need a tech professional or even several experts to take care of all the tech aspects of your app development. One of the options is to hire an Android developer, however, keep in mind that it can be too costly. You can also find a freelancer for your project but you should consider that it can be risky and at the end you can get a poor quality software.

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3 – Hire outsourcing Android TV app development company – probably, it’s the best way to create your Android app. App development outsourcing means that you can hire a development team from any country, with the most suitable level of expertise and the most fair price-quality ratio for you. Great benefit of IT outsourcing development is that the tech team continues supporting your product even after the development process is finished – for example, at Perfsol we provide maintenance, improvements, and fix of unexpected errors. 

Android TV App Development Process

Development of any software is a complicated process that consists of many steps. When developing Android TV app you should expect the following project stages:

1 – Business analysis, gathering of your requirements, analysis of your problems and goals

2 – Creation of project strategy and thorough planning

3 – Creation of early prototypes 

4 – UI/UX design

5 – Code creation

6 – QA testing

7 – Product delivery and launching to the market

8 – Product maintenance

Keep in mind that to jump directly into code development and skip first two steps is not a good idea at all. Initial thorough analysis is a must if you want to get a product that will be viable on the market,  attract many users, and bring you desired success.

Android TV App Development Price

The price for Android TV app development can vary significantly depending on many factors: location and experience of the developer or tech team of your choice, complexity of the features you want to develop, tech stack, UI/UX design approach, etc. If you want to get precise estimation for your Android TV development or have any other questions regarding software development, feel free to contact our Android TV development company – Perfsol. 

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