7 Best Alternatives to YouTube To Watch Out


YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing websites that has served as a launching pad for many celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Jake Paul, Shawn Mendes, and Pewdiepie to name a few. A lot of people even consider it as the king of video streaming platform. And why shouldn’t they? This is one site that is used the most by content creators to share their art.

You will be surprised to know that up to 300 hours’ worth of video is uploaded on the platform every minute. And almost 5 billion videos get watched per day. Considering this stat, there is no wonder why it is so hard for aspiring creators to stand out.

5 Alternatives to YouTube

Although YouTube is the preferred choice of many when it comes to watching online content, you should not overlook other platforms. There are some alternatives that are providing the same if not better level of entertainment. So, let’s see which platforms should you watch out for

#1. Vimeo

As long as you have access to a stable connection such as Spectrum internet, you can enjoy Vimeo. It is a great alternative to YouTube. This was the first site on the web that supported high-definition videos. While the platform encourages users to upload videos, Vimeo’s focus is mostly on high-quality content. In addition, it supports 360-degree videos and also offer some television series. The site also has an easy-to-browse search feature that lets you organize videos by channel and category.

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#2. Metacafe

Just like YouTube, Metacafe is a video platform that only supports short-form content. This means that users are only allowed to upload videos that are less than a minute. You can find different types of content here from to-the-point product reviews and funny clips to the highlights of the world’s best tennis players and tips on how to ace a level of the video game.

#3. Dailymotion

Launched in 2005, Dailymotion is another alternative to YouTube that you should look out for. There are millions of videos that are uploaded on the platform by both young content creators and famous publishers. The videos that you will find on the homepage will be organized by hot topics and categories. Also, trending videos are given more prominence.

#4. Veoah

Veoah is an Israeli video sharing platform that is widely known as the internet TV company. The site has a lot of videos for you to watch. The best part is that most of the clips are professionally produced. It features a vast range of TV shows from full episodes to short snippets. This video site also offers tons of music content that you will certainly enjoy. That’s not all though as there is a movie section as well where you will find full-length flicks.

#5. DTube

If you want to use a video platform that focuses a lot on privacy then try DTube! Unlike YouTube, this platform is decentralized which means that videos aren’t streamed or uploaded from a single centralized server. Plus, the content that this site offers is saved in the blockchain which makes it hard for hackers to tamper with it. The best thing about the site is that it doesn’t support ads! Plus, all the content creators can generate revenue from the platform in the form of cryptocurrency.

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Even though it is true that YouTube dominates the majority of the video streaming platforms. However, there is no denying that there are other promising alternatives that you should look out for like the ones mentioned above. Plus, with the trend of video streaming becoming popular, many people have started to cut the cord. This is what has led different service providers to come up with great services. For example, Charter Spectrum with its Spectrum TV is offering tons of channels for the users to enjoy, and that too at an affordable cost. So, which site from the list would you like to try first?


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